Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rain stops play.. almost

Amazing weekend, Ben has been away so I've been holding the fort. Friday night was by all accounts pretty dead in town, the pedicabs however were going strong, people really getting the idea of jumping on, tipping and having a great time.

The same could not be said for Saturday day time, I had to pack up after a few hours as the rain was quashing the custom, I did however get the chance to save the day and rush a bride to her wedding at the shire hall, she arrived blanket on her lap just in time. Glad we were able to help!

Saturday night was incredible, had the most customers I have ever had in one shift (6-12) and did some serious mileage, thanks to all of you and glad I could help. To whoever tipped with a make-up brush thanks a million it's ideal for cleaning the fiddly bits on the bike and cheers to the cowgirls for brightening up the cab with a bit of glitter!

Today it is raining hard as you can see from the picture so I'm having an admin day as have a few bits to get on with next week.

As always thank you for reading this, riding with us and making it the best job there is!

Play safe

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