Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Some pictures of the last few weeks.

We are still feeling guilty from the lack of blogging so have put together some photos for all of you to see what we’ve been up to!

Here are the bikes on their way from Bath on a trailer, they were very excited about their future in The Shire.
The bikes arrived at their temporary home outside of Hereford, it would have been too tempting to ride them if they were in town! We rode them in from Canon Pyon under cover of darkness one night!
Once in Hereford the bikes had to go in to the printers to have the vinyls put on, the guys at Dawn till Dusk helped us out no end.
Once stickered up they could be seen by the public so we took a bike to the Courtyard to test it for space for the launch party (12th April 6pm – 8pm). I had some funny look when I rode through the door!
We recruited this Butchers bike, well it was donated by a mate of ours Rob from an earlier Blog, and Tone reconditioned it for us. Four speed dynamo hub! It’ll help for repairs and small deliveries when we start the cargo scheme.
The Bikes now have their very own licenses, I think we may be the first Pedicab company outside of London to have this and it’s thanks to the team at Licensing (Claire especially!) and the Council for being so open minded.
And here we are, last Saturday, stickered, licensed and in our uniform (t-shirts supplied by the great guys at Howies) and ready to head out on a pre launch teaser.

So team, it's really not long to go now, a week thursday! We can't believe it. Thanks for reading and supporting, the best is yet to come and we promise we’ll keep the blog going!