Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Great weekend and photo shoot!

Another 300 customers sampled what it's like to ride in a pedicab last weekend! Which means a staggering 600 so far!!

Amazing stuff eh? It wasn't really even that busy and we were doing a fancy photoshoot for most of Saturday! Thanks to Leon for that!

In other news we now have an arrangement which lets us go through select areas of the Catherdral. It really opens up things for us, and for tours it's great as we can visitors to Hereford all over the place.This weekend should be a busy one we think, especially in the evenings.

Pedicabs will always be the main thing for us although just for the minute our attention is turning to the possible provision of a cargo service- herefordpedicargo, that will enable a low cost green courier service between various industrial areas in Hereford. Not to mention potentially getting post to depots and legal papers to the courts. We would love to hear your thoughts on this and our inter office travel scheme. Please either drop us a line (linked from the front page of our website) our lovely website or leave a comment on the blog, would be good to strike up a bit of banter and hear your ideas!

Hope all is well with you lot and if you haven't been on a cab jump on this weekend!



Ben and Will said...

So then, cargo scheme... your thoughts?

laura said...

just saw a little article about your crime fighting on the CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., and i feel compelled to write. i think your pedicab business is a fantastic idea! i just wanted to congratulate you for such a genuine commitment to the environment and for your passion towards biking! i love it! here's the link for the cbc write-up
kudo's from canada,