Thursday, April 12, 2007

Launch Day!

Tonight 6-8 pm at The Coutyard Theatre for the Arts!! Come along and see what all this fuss has been about!

Well who would have thought, less than five months on and we are launching Hereford Pedicabs! This week has been crazy, Hereford Journal yesterday, in the Hereford Times today, BBC Hereford and Worcester this morning, Midlands Today next week!!

Some of the press are trying to create a bit of friction between us and the regular cabbies but there's none to be found really!

It’s a very exciting time for us, we’ve had some huge support and who knows what will happen now, our guess is as good as yours. In the meantime there’s a good video article to look at on this page -

Thank you for your support so far and we look forward to meeting you tonight

Will and Ben

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic achievement so far lads, keep up the momentum. Looking forward to trying out your service soon