Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Long Time No Blog!

Well team there are no excuses, I’ve been lazy. No blogging for a while very sorry about that. But we are back and with plenty of news so here we go to start..

I’m not sure where to really start as there is so much so here we go with a list, in no particular order: We have bikes!!, the bikes are stickered up, we have storage in place, we have a bank account, we have uniforms, we have hackney carriage licenses, we have bikes registered as hackney carriages, we have the orders to let us through town at certain times, we have a set evening route, we have well.. we have pretty much everything in place.

So here we are almost 5 months from the start and we are ready to start doing what we set out to do, that’s not bad really!

We have some future plans as well, we want to operate a cargo service during the week and inter office travel scheme. Also it was rather exciting as we had our first call about doing a wedding for someone today!

It’s finally all coming together and it has been and continues to be amazing. Next week we are doing some stuff for TV!

For the time being though I thought I’d update!

More to come now


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