Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hit and miss

Sometimes when I'm out riding I always feel a little hit and miss with the traffic, do they see you, have they any idea how fast your going, will they indicate, are they fiddling with the radio, are the windows misted up, have they scraped the ice off the car. All that sort of stuff. Today could have been better for things like that.

Frosty morning, no one can see out of car, bright day, no one can see because of sun shining bah, if they want to hit a cyclist maybe they should try this!:HIT A CYCLIST! Post your high scores.. 944 to beat..

It must be frustrating for car drivers, they sit in this all day:

Oh well, maybe they'll use a bike a bit more this year


James said...


spacefruit said...

woo hooooo - 1141.1 m !
I want to be the guy flying through the air, it looks pretty cool

Ben and Will said...


Anonymous said...

1180.4! Ha ha, going home to wrestle a Pedicabber as we speak