Thursday, January 3, 2008

Great start to the year!!

Bit of a funny one this because we cant really say too much about some of the really great things that are happening to Pedicabs at the moment. They are a secret, don't panic, all will be revealed in due course, it looks like it is going to be a brilliant year!

On top of the things that we cant really tell you about it wont be long until we release our Recycling scheme, we're looking for a name for the project so feel free to post a comment if you have one. We are pretty full on with this scheme, currently we are awaiting some licensing and as soon as that's gone through we are pretty much ready to start the trial!

Businesses in Hereford will be able to embark on recycling their paper, card and plastic film with us. What's better is it will cost them less than it costs to pay the Council to take it to landfill. It's kind of why it's taking us so long to get it going, lots of things to sort out, all very exciting though!

Other new things include a proposed inter industrial estate same day postal loop, we are working on it! Also the cabs are going from strength to strength, advertising on board and sticker schemes running!

All that and it's only the 3rd. In fact 318 is the date today, that's also the number of a friend of mines house - the 318 club. We celebrated that today.

So, so far, so good, I think this is going to be our year!

Oh, before I forget, I just found out about these guys vegware shame I couldn't tell you all before all of those Christmas parties!