Monday, September 17, 2007

A weekend away!

Hello all!,

It's not often that I manage to get out of Hereford for a weekend, fortunatley with our great new riders, not so new anymore, I was able to have last weekend off. Luke and Ads rode Friday and Saturday night and also rode Saturday day time to promote a health and wellbeing event for Herefordshire council. In the mean time I was escaping to see my brother in the big smoke and also get some mountain biking in.

As all good weekends start we had a few beers on Friday night and then Saturday morning we headed out of Camberley to Swinley Forest to hit the trails.The sun was shining and the trails we dry and it was great to just be out in the great outdoors. Jon, my brother, was not feeling to great, Friday nights beers getting the better of him..I was having a great time though, it's been some time since I managed to get out on the bike and usually I manage to pick the days with lots of wind and plenty of rain! Really glad I made the effort this weekend and there was some good riding to be hadSo after the ride back to the house we watched the rugby and had a few more beers. Unusually we had a quite night in and the hit the big smoke on Sunday,
we took a train in and had a nice day of catching up. London is a funny place, full of energy and always loads going on, it's easy to forget what it's like. Of course I had another agenda and wanted to see some Pedicabs in action, we saw a few but none as nice as out own! Not a uniform or clean cab in sight! Great to see them in action though.So after grabbing some late lunch we hitched the train home and I set off on the journey back to the shire. Re-energised for the week to come!


Jon Vaughan said...

yeah, thanks for that

rastamule said...

Hello And sorry to intrude but I stumbled upon your blog and couldnt help but leave a comment. I live in the US, Charleston, South Carolina to be exact where the bike taxi business is booming. There was a 3rd company that just opened about 2 months ago and there is still plenty of business for everyone. This is a very tourist friendly city and stays busy nearly year-round. My family owns a carriage tour co. right next door to the Original Charleston Pedicab. If you do a search for rickshaw or pedicab in Charleston, SC you will see some examples of the bikes and operations they run here. I occasionally will take a weekend shift if someone is sick and MAN WHAT A WORK-OUT!!! Kudos to you and your new business and best wishes.................MULE

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