Thursday, September 20, 2007

An amazing meeting

So yesterday i had an amazing meeting with a chap called Michael Hainge, he's the Director of Environment for Hereford Council! He's in charge of all things green and even better he has the power to really make changes. We talked at length about how Pedicabs and Pedicargo can fit into the forward plan for Hereford Council.

It was great to speak with Michael and to be able to offer solutions to obstacles that he currently has, that's about all I say right now but watch this space! Exciting things to come!!


David J said...

Power to you guys!
This is great stuff. There seems to be so much arguing about what we should or shouldn't do for the environment! Economists seem to be frieking out because more and more of us are saying we want to curtail some of our extravagant ways in order to cause less harm to the environment. Scare mongers are suggesting that any attempt to alter our behavior for the sake of the environment will devastate the economy it's all madness of course! Congratulations to you and your council for having enough insight to see the potential for making a positive change in your area. You have succeeded! As far as I can see you guys are a great success! You've introduced an innovative idea to your community, given people an environmentally suitable option, are generating enough money to support yourselves and creating employment opportunities for others! Bravo!
Some day I will do the same! Some day!

Ben and Will said...

Thanks for your support David,

It's been a great journey for us so far and in continues to deliver amazing surprises!


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