Friday, September 7, 2007

An update....

So it's been a while since you've heard whats going on with everything.

Ad is back from holiday and now riding as are Darren and Luke, and they are loving it, it's great for us to see them out there having a good time. The cabs are going fron strength to strength and with the financial push that cargo will bring we'll soon have more vehicles. So it's really working. I now work pretty much full time for Pedicargo, so it's been a real tunraround in my life, to be effecitvley self employed. Crazy Stuff.

Recnetly it's been physically quite tough just riding all the time, lots of cargo. Then tradegy struck at a local beer festival when I danced so hard i pulled a hamstring, I thought it was game over for a bit until Luke stepped in. You see he's qualified to deliver massage and as far as i'm concerned he worked some magic on the leg. So this is a bit of a plug for him, he's mobile and charges a very reasonable rate. Luke Matthews 07747572306

So it's all going well and it's all still very exciting and still green, honest and most importantly fun.

Thanks for riding with us and for letting us move your cargo.



Broomster said...

Branching out in more ways than just cargo eh?

All you need now is for someone to start nailcare for your poorly tired feet - you could start up Hereford Pedicures! ;-)


Seriously though, I've seen you guys get busier and busier every time I see you from my big red bus.. Good to see you all acknoledging my toots - and even tonight giving me a ding a ling before I saw you!! :-)

All the best,
Mike the Bus Driver :-)

Anonymous said...

is that actually his number? i wanted to see him again last night:(