Monday, February 12, 2007

Why not subscribe to the Blog?

Righto, lots of people have asked how they could subscribe to the blog, it’s taken some time to work it out but with a little help from my brother and his wife I now know.

If you subscribe it will mean that every time the blog is updated you will get a link to the new bit which means that you never ever miss a posting, ACE eh!

So here comes the clever bit, first of all open up another window (ctrl+N on a pc and apple+N on an apple mac) then you can use this page as a reference, now try this..

1) type this into the top of the browser -

2) in the box marked ‘Enter a feed URL to subscribe’ type in this - and then click ‘Submit’

3) the next page will have a box labelled - Enter your e-mail to subscribe to “Mules for the masses” in this box type your email address and click ‘Subscribe’

4) What happens now is an email is sent to your address and there will be a link to click on, this will confirm that you are real and really do want to be told when we have written something new about our adventure.

I hope this helps and look forward to lots of you subscribing!

Good night



Tim said...

Or better still get a dedicated newsreader. For a Mac I use the free open source 'Vienna' and I monitor 100+ sites, or rather it does, automatically in the background. Being on broadband helps. Click on the RSS logo in the address bar of Safari of a site you want to monitor and you're automatically subscribed. PC's I know nothing about, I'm pleased to say.

Jon Vaughan said...

Ha. Yes, I didnt realise Trish was forwarding this all on! If you use Google as your homepage then you can alternatively have a mules version by setting your homepage as and then customising it, clicking 'add stuff' and choosing the link which is in micro small type next to the search box 'Add By Url'. And then putting in

Ben and Will said...

good one that jon, have customised mine already, even better is the link to access it all from your mobile.