Thursday, February 15, 2007

How big are your feet?

Just a quick post, I was browsing the web and checking out a few things about how big peoples footprints are. Now I'm not talking your feet, I'm talking how big the space you occupy on the planet is. Now we all know this planet aint big enough for the both of us, or more to the point there is not enough space on the planet ecologically for all of us. So one day we'll run out of stuff.

It's quite amazing how things add up you see, how much you use your car, is your veg imported, ever take public transport, how big your house is, so the clever people at the earthday network have made a quiz, for people to work out how big their feet are.

Now pedicabs are all about a few things, being fun, being green and being honest, and if pedicabs can reduce peoples footprints all the better, we are dead keen on this stuff, we could have bought bikes from America, they were cheaper, but a few things stopped us, one the bikes from Cycles Maximus are made with love and care, two they are only 50 miles away so will be much greener than shipping or flying bikes from America. It’s a lot of miles to go with three people on the back to equal the carbon emissions from a flight over the Atlantic!

We'd love you to try the quiz and post up what your footprint is, it'll be interesting to see how we are all doing and if we have to work on it! click here to give it a shot

We look forward to the results,


Jon Vaughan said...

Well, 2.2 planets for me. Not much better than average, which is disappointing since we recycle everything and I get public transport everywhere. However it is a bit of a logical fallacy, because the situation of more people living like me would change my behaviour - I would need to commute less, and goods production would be more efficient (or goods would be too expensive for me to buy).

Ben and Will said...

I came in at just below 2, I thought it would be less but sadly not. There is only so much we can do, we would struggle to do more.

Other points that are not included are our daily work based eco activities and lengths we go to to off sett the bad things we do.

Interesting concept though.