Friday, August 24, 2012

European Cycle Logistics Federation

Hereford Pedicabs and Cargo has been asked to join a formative group called the European Cycle Logistics Federation. A link to some of the Euro info

It is supported by Intelligent Energy Europe and the overall aims are to achieve a reduction in energy used in urban freight transport and to also help Cycle Logistics become a credible transport solution.

For us it's a really big thing, it means that the work we have been doing is getting recognised. The plan is for all the companies who are a bit like us throughout Europe to get together and see where our best practice examples can be applied elsewhere. Share what we know works and talk about the things that don't work.

As part of that we are having a think as to how we could bring access to cargo bikes to more people in Hereford and in other places. We even have a few projects up our sleeves..

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