Friday, July 10, 2009

New stuff....

So we've been up to some pretty excting stuff in the last few weeks, first off we've started to renovate the office, we've got a grant so we can make it habitable (read as grown up) and generate our own power.

So last week, we stripped it empty and with a little help from our friends (and family) we began to line the walls.. After a few more days it looked like this.. and in a few more weeks it'll be painted, have some home made shelves, a desk, some recycled furniture and some all important solar panels to help us be as green as possible.

So as things are going sooo well at the moment we've started to look at some potential new vehicles, as you'll know by now we've got a bit of a thing about these - Larry Vs Harry. So we got in touch with them and they sent the first one in the county to visit us.. and boy did we enjoy it... So to cut a long story short we've ordered one.. but right now we just have to decide on a colour, harder than you'd think!

Any how, so we're really busy and it's a very exciting time for us, right now the days are long but worth it and hey, with the new bike on the way from the factory we can only keep smiling and hoping that however busy we get, we all get a chance to ride it!

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