Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Commercial Opportunity

'The key to tackling climate change lies in the hands of private enterprise, in particular persuading business to recognise that the transformation required represents an unprecedented commercial opportunity Sir David King - Smith School of Enterprise and Environment
Good times ahead.


Anonymous said...

This quote is bang on. If companies don't react now it will be too late to catch up in a few years time, no matter how good and strong they are now. The example given was that of of comparing GM and Toyota. For years Toyota have been chewing away at environmental and other improvements whereas GM has done very little in response to En needs. Now it has become too late for GM to do anything. If you had said 20 years back that GM would fail you would have been laughed at. Bit now it's Toyota that is in the driving seat. This comparison could apply to any modern company that fails to heed En pressure to change. It might be costly now, but in the long run big savings will accrue.

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