Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What we got up to in October..

October has been a great month, we finally finished our Summer Tour programme at the end of September and it was a great success, other than one day we were flat out for the whole summer season which was brilliant for us and for people in Hereford. But as the seasons move on things pick up in other areas for us. 

Lots of our last mile delivery work is for major companies who drop parcels to us in the morning so we can dispatch them. That volume is running at double what it would usually which is pretty bonkers so it feels like we're either flat out on the bikes or flat out in the workshop repairing stuff and taking the strain!

Over on our facebook page we featured a few things:

The CTC did an article about Pedicabs and featured us rather prominently..

The British Weather threatened to test our waterproofs..

And we took delivery of another bike...

Keep trucking!

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