Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Green Office Week - Waste

So it is Green Office Week, each day there is a focus on a topic, today it is waste, we run a trade waste recycling programme.

A while back there was a really interesting article in the Guardian - click here All about local authority not making enough effort to collect trade waste for recycling. The lead on effects of this being that what is left that businesses sorts from their own streams is often of such a small amount it isn't valuable to third party collection companies OR it goes home with employees and goes into their household stream. 

In turn this is driving the price of recyclable materials down. Also the businesses are not being credited for the Co2 saving they are potentially making as their is no formal way of tracking it. 

The fascinating thing for us is that we have been providing a solution which is cost effective for 4 years. We are cheaper than the cost to send to landfill with the Council and we return the yearly Co2 savings to the customers so they can tell their customers. We service about 400 businesses and collect all the waste with emission free vehicles. We average a saving of about 1000 tonnes of Co2 per year collectively from all our customers.
In fact we can only really make a profit because our overheads are so low, but this makes us really competitive and means we are very busy.

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