Friday, April 13, 2012

5 years and growing.

5 years old!

On April the 13th 2007 Ben and I stood in front of a bunch of people on a warm spring evening and announced we were launching a Pedicab business in Hereford. There were a few reasons why we were doing it:

1) We wanted to do something positive for the environment.
2) It seemed a cool idea.
3) Ben needed a girlfriend.

There were a pile of other reasons too, we wanted to launch a true values based company in Hereford, launching something people hadn't seen before that would help them and asking them to pay what they thought it was worth to use it.

It certainly doesn't seem like 5 years ago since we did that. In fact so much has happened I can't really tell you about it all without taking a very long time. But in brief we........

Launched pedicabs, had our 1000th customer, then our 5000th customer and now we've had almost 100,000 customers.

Launched Hereford Pedicargo a cycle courier company which has now transported hundreds of thousands of items for local business and authority and which has big contracts with national delivery companies. 

Launched a trade waste recycling programme which services hundreds of local businesses. 

We won a Pride of Herefordshire Award.

Then we started generating all out own power from renewable energy.

Then we won the Prince's Business Award.

Then we really started to pick up speed.

We've transported loads of brides to their weddings.

Taken grooms to the church.

Taken Prom Queens to their proms.

Stags to their parties.

We've picked up a contract to run shuttles for the amazing Hay festival.

We've worked here and away.

We've suffered at the hands of hard winters.

We've basked in glorious summers.

Some of us have lost hair..

We've had staff come and go and stay and grow, Ad, Luke, Daz, Tom, Matt, Mike, Tom, Matt,Will, Ed, Woody, Joe, Ed and plenty others helping out doing there bit.

We've had thousands of cups of tea chatting about out hope and dreams.

We've had tight times and rich times.

And generally we've been flat out growing things as best as we can.

But with all that said it has been great, great so far and I'm sure it'll be great in the future. We've stuck to our guns, we've been fun, green and honest about all our choices.

So here's to the next 5 years - we hope you stick with us. We've had a blast.

Oh and Ben did find a girlfriend.

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Cartridge World Hereford said...

Hurrah for Pedi Cabs. It is so great to see you having such a fun time (even better that Ben found a girl along the way!) Keep it going.