Monday, February 20, 2012

Pedicab Prom and Wedding Transport!

Since we launched almost 5 years ago we've been lucky enough to have been involved in plenty of weddings, proms and special occasions.
It isn't something we've ever pushed out, we've never been to a wedding fayre, and we've not really done any marketing other than just being out there. We've taken brides to the church, bridesmaids and brides mothers, grooms and even had a few pets. We've shuttled people from Church to venue at village events and been a carriage for the elderly and less firm members of the party when a short walk to the after party has been too far. The last few years we've done more and more proms which are great fun for everyone involved.
We've hidden out of shot for photos
And we've been right in the centre of the action
We've been in the papers - pedicab made for two
and we've always tried to look as smart as possible

This year we think we're going to be busier than usual, we've got bookings coming out of our ears already, plus we're booked up for carnivals and festivals. We're very reasonable on cost and come in at about £50 per hour for the bike and rider. We've got two cabs we use for weddings and you can fit 3 in each. Or one huge dress and two tiny bridesmaids..

If you're interested in booking for a wedding, prom or birthday drop an email to and we'll see if we've got space for you.


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