Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Last Saturday morning we bundled the bikes over to Hay on the back of a borrowed trailer in the early hours of the morning and set things up ready to go.

We're mid way into the festival now and so far it has been excellent, we'll give a full update when we're all done. We've got tales of celebrity, had plenty of adventures and we've had a tonne of laughs between us all.

We think we'll hit almost 3000 customers by the end of the week which will be the same as about 100 of the shuttle bus journeys that go into Hay. We've been surprised how well we've settled in and hope this might be the start of a great friendship with the festival.

Right now I've just had a message telling me that Maureen Lipman wants a lift into town to go shopping and did we not realise we had Arthur Smith on the bikes last night!.... All I can think about is trying to stuff enough food into me to keep me going for my 4-10pm shift...

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