Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grow slow grow strong. 4 years strong.

We're four years old today. It's crazy, looking back through the blog we've done so much.

So many great things, so much fun, big achievements, awards won, records set, boundries pushed, cultures changed, environmental benchmarks set... and the best bit.. it is still as exciting as the first day.

Thank you if you use our Pedicabs, thank you if you recycle your waste with us, thank you if you send parcels with us or the companies that use us. Thank you for listening, thank you for believing. Thank you if you are our friend.

The economic climate is tough and it has been tough growing in these times, but we've done it, bit by bit, making considered developed choices, listening to what people want and believing in our hearts. We've grown slow and we've grown strong.

Here's to the future. A fun, green and honest future.