Thursday, July 1, 2010

Luke's blog

Few of you asking after Luke's blog so I thought I'd post it up.

You can find it here and you can donate money here by all accounts they seem to be having a blast!

We are managing without him and it's been good to see things continuing without his input! Tom has stepped up to the mark and has been doing some serious hours on the bike. Good on him, we're still unsure of his actual nickname but as it currently stands it's understood that Tom is running the 'Ginger Division' or the company.

The summer continues to offer us some awesome weather to ride in, scorching sun and no wind, it also seems to put a smile on the faces of most folk so it's great to be out there riding.

Amazingly (well not for us) the company is still booming, we are, as always looking for Pedicab riders and we've also had a large influx or new customers on our recycling scheme and with paper prices at an all time high everything is dandy!

Must blog more, as you guys are getting left out of the fun!