Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Copenhagen Style

So over in Copenhagen I was inspired by the use of bikes, seeing mothers with a bunch of children in a cargo bike and seeing cargo bikes carrying loads which I guess I'd thought weren't possible. It's funny for us I think as we just don't see any other cycle couriers or anyone doing anything remotely like what we are doing. No butchers, bakers or florists delivering, no cafe's delivering coffee or sandwiches. Seems daft really, surely it'd make total sense. We certainly think there's been an increase of cycling in the last 3 years, which is a great thing and maybe as that increases other people will begin to think about what's possible with bikes. For the moment we've been taking inspiration from our friends across the fjords and pushing our bikes harder which has fitted well with a few interesting deliveries this week.
Deliveries aside now the clocks have changed and we're heading in towards April we're hitting some great weather and some not so great April shower style weather!Wet roads mean less stopping distance which means we have to be more vigilant especially on some of the junctions in our town. Every day I face this, a contraflow cycle path crossing a t-junction which is joining a one way road, todays example of horrific road terror features two vehicles crossing our right of way, one of which is turning the wrong way up a one way street. Amazing!Hoepfully we'll avoid any crazy situations!