Thursday, February 25, 2010

End of the weather? And some other stuff..

So we were pretty sure we'd seen the back of the bad weather, yeah we were expecting some more rain and a bit of wind before Spring but looks like we were wrong!More snow this week and freaky blizzards. Not to panic though as the Bullitthas dealt with everything admirably. Anyhow the snow is melting now which makes everything super slick on the fixed wheel.
Amazingly it is almost March already, so soon we'll be totting up the quantities of recycling we have done for our clients and looking at who will be our recycling champion for 2010, last year EFM won by a mile but this year we think it might be closely contested.We thought it might be interesting to think about the physical size of the amount of recycling so Luke and I did some quick sums and a few sketches to try and work it out. The tough bit is trying to make is quantifiable for the everyday person. We think it'll be something like a cube 50m wide 50m high and 2km long for the 2009 collections. It doesn't really mean much like that even though it is a gigantic size. We'll have a think and get back to you..

Also a few exciting things happening here and here so we shall see what happens!

We have a few sneaky and cheeky irons in ze fire at the moment so will keep you all posted on progress!

In the mean time I'm shooting off to Copenhagen to see what things are like there - Vi ses!

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