Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 here we go again!

2010 already and what a year 2009 was for us, despite the economic climate we continued to blossom, growing each month and developing our three core services - pedal powered taxis, delivery and recycling vehicles.

We've got a few resolutions to keep to which certainly helped us last year, sticking to our values and working hard and fast to grow. At the same time we need to make sure that we grow at the right speed for the company, keeping our personality and retaining a strong base from which we can try out new things.

I think it is always nice to recap last year before setting out for the next one. It's pretty easy to forget even big things!

January - We got back to work and panicked a bit about financial climate in front of us, we hoped that our approach to saving people cash and providing a good service would mean we could retain customers. We also really hoped that our customers could weather the storm.

February - We had some great news, we had qualified to receive a grant to enable us to buy equipment so we could produce all of our own power.

March - We had the Welsh Rugby squad on our pedicabs and spread the word about making your own bread.

April - We were nominated for a Prince's Business in the Community Award, worked our we had saved 600 tonnes of C02 with our recycling programme (that year) and got a new clock for the office..

May - We won the Prince's Business in the Community Award - pretty cool! And we gave Luke a holiday.

June - We investigated some new bikes for the company.

July - We had a video made about the company, awarded our 'Recycling Champions' award, trailed a new bike AND started the container conversion using the grant we go in February. We also delivered the Councils 30,000 item!

August - Pretty quiet on the big new things front, just plugging away!

September - We returned last years Pride of Herefordshire award, I had a holiday, our new bike hit the road, I got to ride a penny farthing AND we raised money for Help the Heroes as well as taking on some new contracts.

October - Our new rider TOM THE BOMB started with us, we installed sunpipes in the office and we commissioned some fancy boxes for our bikes.

November - We plugged away at the new contracts and got used as a best practice example by BITC

December - We started to look at taking on new pedicab riders, had BIG BEN back in the office, installed solar and wind power into the office and had an awesome 12 days of Christmas fancy dress party!

So all in all last year was busy, all of the work we have been running has been growing and on top of it we've been looking to put ourselves in a position to now look at growing in the correct way. Not too fast but fast enough to capitalise on our efforts. With new staff members in place and plenty of irons in the fire 2010 looks set to be a great year for us!