Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Real Value of Jobs

Waste Recycling Workers - for every £1 we pay them they generate £12 of value for society.

The New Economics Foundation has done some interesting research using a form of job evaluation to calculate the total contribution various jobs make to society, including for the first time the impact on communities and environment.

Eilis Lawlor, spokeswoman for the New Economics Foundation, said: "Pay levels often don't reflect the true value that is being created. As a society, we need a pay structure which rewards those jobs that create most societal benefit rather than those that generate profits at the expense of society and the environment".

She said the aim of the research was not to target individuals in highly paid jobs, or suggest people in low paid jobs should earn more."The point we are making is more fundamental - that there should be a relationship between what we are paid and the value our work generates for society. We've found a way to calculate that," she said.

There are a few case studies but most interesting for us is..

Waste recycling workers

"Do a range of different jobs that relate to processing and preventing waste and promoting recycling. Carbon emissions are significantly reduced. There is also a value in reusing goods. For every pound of value spent on wages, £12 of value is generated for society."

Which is really interesting as we've been calculating added benefits for our customers for a while - Carbon Saving, Publicity, Local Employment, Positive Association.

It'll be really interesting to see what happens with this sort of evaluation as things go on. Certainly with more companies and local councils embracing triple bottom line accountancy it seems like there is a change in appreciation of values and total benefit of work types.

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