Thursday, May 7, 2009

We WON! Best Carbon Positive Micro Business in the West Midlands!

So last friday I made my way on the train to Birmingham to the C+ Carbon Awards ceremony. We'd been nominated in the Carbon Positive Micro Business Category, small businesses making big changes, an exciting place to be!

The event was on the eleventh floor and was attended by a lot of very smartly dressed high flying typesThey had been there all day for a number of workshops on carbon reduction, unfortunately I couldn't make it for those. So as the tension in the room mounted we were all asked to take our seats (one had been reserved for me near the front - a good sign) and things got underway.There were a few awards given out an then we were on to the Micro Business Category, after a bit of build up we were announced as the winners, we got a great round of applause and a lovely plaque for the wallI hung around for a while and we linked up with Prince Charles who said well done and that sort of thing, but more interesting was the live link with Pen Haddow an arctic explorer who was out measuring the thickness of the ice
He said that ice is about 1.5m thick at the mo and usually it's 3m so they don't think it will survive the thaw, really interesting stuff.

Anyhow, what a day, I was back in Hereford and on the bike by three o'clock whilst the other winners were swigging champagne, but I wouldn't have it any other way!