Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bread Matters

I attended a great workshop held by the bulmer foundation last night about bread making and why it's important. So what's it all about? In the words of the campiagn for real bread:

'Bread is a fundamental part of our diet – in the UK almost three quarters of us eat it every day.

So our bread should be an essential part of our diverse food culture, with skilled bakers being central to our local communities. Unfortunately, much of our daily bread is produced by a handful of industrial bakers using methods that have little regard for its nutritional qualities or the environmental impact of its production. Clever marketing tempts us with low prices or ‘healthier’ loaves laced with artificial additions. But almost all bread made today is based on similar, questionable ingredients and methods.'

Now if it all sounds a bit far fetched you should maybe find half an hour, make a cup of tea and sit down and watch this

You see it's really important, slow food is good food. Real bread is as simple as flour, water and salt, that's it. I guess another way of looking at all of this is if you haven't got the time to feed your family and yourself well then maybe your priotites are out of balance. So tonight why not turn off the tv and make some bread, by hand, share the making and share the eating.

Slow food is good food - Bread Recipe

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