Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009.. fine times!

It’s the start of another exciting year for us, last year we really established ourselves and the three core strands of our business, this year the plan is to go from strength to strength!

We’ve got a few resolutions for this year, mostly to keep the good work up and keep strong in these tough economic times. Fortunately most of our business operations enable people to save money but we want to also make sure that our customers can make the most of the environmental benefits of our services too.

So this year will be a year of hard work and commitment to put ourselves in an even stronger position, potentially embracing expansion and further diversification but never forgetting the core values on which all of our enterprise exists, being fun, green and honest.

So what really happened in 2008?

In January we made moves to start an inner city recycling scheme.

In February we picked up our first recycling trial bags, took delivery of a new bike and delivered our 10’000th item!

In March we took delivery of a second shipping container to operate from.

In April we had our 1st Birthday!

In May it was sunny and we launched a new bike on the road, the recycling scheme took on a new dimension with the sale of advertising on the bike.

June and July saw the beginning of the high speed war that would take us from 36mph to well over 40mph!

August – Pedicargo celebrated a year in operation and 30’000 items moved! We also visited GSK to talk about what we do.

September saw an awesome staff party, cider making and of course an invite to go to the Howies Do lectures, a gathering of inspirational speakers and exciting new businesses.

October- We won a Pride of Herefordshire award!

November – We grew moustaches for The Prostate Cancer Charity and continued to work very hard in horrible weather!

December – We wrapped up the year with over 40’000 items delivered and with a recycling scheme on course to prevent over 300 tonnes of waste going to landfill in it’s first year, Pedicabs is still thriving with over 20’000 people using our service to get around the town.

So all in all an eventful year, but this year needs to be bigger, better, quicker and more importantly needs to extend the work we are doing to more people!

Exciting times…

P.s, I have a personal resolution to blog more… certainly more photos…