Thursday, September 25, 2008

wu wei

So I've been back from the Do lectures for a while now
and since I've been back I've been really busy doing things; foraging for wild food, making bread, getting involved with things, motivating myself and generally getting my oomph back as it had mysteriously disappeared (and I didn't even think it had).

One thing really stuck in my mind from the lectures. It was the feeling I had after Alastair Mcintosh spoke. You can see his talk here and if you do one thing this week I suggest you watch it. Make a brew, take 40 mins out, alone, and sit down and listen. It totally changed my view of where we are with climate change, what will happen, how we will change it and how our mindset should be in relation to it.

So I'm much more optimistic about things now, and I have realised I don't say thanks to the staff enough, so tonight I'm taking them for a curry and a few beers to say thank you. Thanks for the hard work, for believing in what we do and for giving it their all. Not sure I'm ready to tell them that though..

Oh and thanks to Nick Miller for the food festival tickets, we had a great time!

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