Friday, August 22, 2008

Sooo close


So Luke has been away for almost three weeks and as you know we have a speed challenge going on, it happens on a certain bit of road on a certain route that Luke usually rides. I used to ride it so understandably held the fastest speed, then as Luke took the route on there was a bit of competition and finally he took the high speed. When Luke left the fastest I'd managed was 37.2mph, he however had trounced me with a 38.2mph. Over the past three weeks I've worked hard, I've even swopped the flip flops for shoes, my goal has been 40mph yesterday I got closer than I have ever been...I have one more ride today to hit 40 but either way I'm happy!

In other news last Friday we went through out first year of Cargo operations, in which we have moved something like 30'000 items! We have been amazed at how busy we have been especially seeing as it was our first year, who knows what will happen in our second year!

One of our customers (Hereford Council) have been particularly happy, so happy in fact they threw a party for us!

Right, I'm off riding, here's to 40...

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Broomster said...

Well they do say that life begins at 40! Keep up the good work!