Friday, August 10, 2007

Hereford Pedicargo Arrives

Next monday is an amazing time for us. It's the official first day of trading for Hereford Pedicargo!

Our aim is to provide an emission free cargo service, enabling business and local authority within Hereford to have access to a facility not only aimed at reducing their short journeys and emissions, but also aimed at increasing their productivity and reducing the labour cost involved of sending an employee across a congested town to deliver goods.

Not only will companies benefit from quick efficient carriage of their products to other local companies but they will also be able to reduce their carbon footprint! Bit of a Win Win!

We have a small contract of provision to the town Modern Records Unit, so if you order a planning file or drop off planning documents and building samples as of Monday, we'll be taking them around. It's been a real problem for the council not being able to move stuff quick enough. So with us on board they'll hit more targets the tax payer will get a better service, there will be less cars on the road and less pollution in the air!

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment and feel free to tell everyone you know. The next six weeks we'll be doing trials for companies who could be keen on this sort of provison and looking to increase who we run cargo for.

Like the Pedicabs, Pedicargo vehicles are often much quicker than a car or van over short urban distances. At four feet wide and just over eight feet long they can squeeze through gaps and also, being cycles, they are allowed to use the cycle paths of Hereford. The bikes themselves are powered purely by the rider and can haul up to a quarter of a ton. We aim to provide a week time service, year round, working between the hours of 8am - 6pm. This will allow us to effectively provide a same day delivery service.

So if you see us about give us a toot, and if you think you know anyone who might benefit from our service ask them to get in touch -

Exciting times!!


Anonymous said...

Top stuff chaps, a fine job. Are you just for council use?

Ben and Will said...

We'll haul for all! Anyone can have stuff moved by us

Broomster said...

"So if you see us about give us a toot"

I did just that on Saturday night, around 9.15 - I was the driver of the big red bus in Maylord Orchards waiting at the lights behind one of your chaps! (sorry I don't know which one!)

You lot do a fantastic job - hope everything continues to work out and you keep expanding :-)


Ben and Will said...

Thank you 'Broomster', I tell the guys to keep and eye out for you! Race?

Broomster said...

I think I'd beat you to Kington ;-) but in a dash across town, I think you guys may just have the edge! lol

I'm quite often working the Sargeants bus on Saturday nights (me and one other chap do this shift..) - I'll give you a toot whenever I see you (as long as it's safe for me to do so!)

See you guys around town - "ding a ling" :-)

David J said...

Great stuff!
The success of your business is a great sign. What an inspiration!
Having a friendly council must be a great benefit to you.
I hope this sensible example will set a new trend in transportation.

Anonymous said...

hey im 16 and wondering if i could get a job with you lot? i love cycling so it would be the perfect job

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