Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Quick Post


Well, December has been a busy month so far. Ben and I are both up to our necks at work but are still working hard on the Pedicab Initiative! As I write young Ben is busily working on our Standard Operating Procedures, a big book full of how and how not things should be done! It will include all sorts of things, things we have learnt from the council, things we have promised we will do, legal things, fun things, green things and lots of honesty and it will be a comprehensive document for any future employees to quickly understand our policies.

It's important that time is taken now on what will essentially shape the rest of this journey, my job has been comparative costing for the service we will be providing and general cost analysis of all things we can expect plus a million and one other things (including this blog!) which are hastily being fitted in to any spare moment I can get!

Together we're a bit of an awesome team, we are fortunate that our backgrounds have enabled us to rapidly progress in the areas we need to, be it policy, marketing or general fun making! So it's a real 50-50 split with Ben and I meeting at whatever opportunity we have to update each other and pass verdict on the others efforts, good and bad!

And of course a big thank you to all of the help we have received from friends and family, and message leavers! Ghandi has been instrumental in number of bigger decisions as have many of you, keep the good stuff coming in, after all this is going to be a great way for all of us to do out bit!

More posting coming soon, I'll try harder to get here more often!

Thanks for reading


Ghandi wanted us to post a picture of some of his great friends who can’t wait to ride in a pedicab!